Use our DIY editor to design & edit your very own customized cards ("Instant-apps"). 


Simple DIY Editor

Track, manage & analyze


Make your customer engagements even better by analyzing your interactions, gaining actionable insights & optimizing your customer flow.


Engage your customers 

Send your customers personal links, when clicked -
it immediately opens the card, ready for real-time interaction.

Each link is unique and generated personally,
so there is no need for the user to login, but all the collected data still knows exactly where it needs to go.

Easily send personal offers, receive payments, schedule appointments, collect details, sign docs & more -
we give you all the tools to create your perfect scenario!

Scenaric gives you the perfect set of tools to turn every customer interaction into a unique experience

Time Saving

Close sales in

Use our simple DIY platform to create & edit cards
in moments

No Coding

Customers can immediately use our cards ("Instant Apps") -
no installation required 

No Installation

Easily connect your CRM or telephony systems to our API 

BI & Analytics

Gain actionable insights
for your team

High-Standard Security

Keeping your customer
data safe

Create unique customer


Generate & send cards
automatically using our API

Simple Integration


For Customer Service

For Sales

Use Cases

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